"We had been in our home for 10+ years and wanted to update our house. We didn’t know where to start, so we gave Lynne a call. We basically were struggling for ideas to update the look of our home. She did all the work and charged a fair price. She gave us options until we liked something and her personal shopping was successful for us as we returned very little of what she picked. She took notes on the
style we liked and found things for us that matched our criteria. Lynne was easy to work with and available to work with our busy schedule.
It was so easy, we kept moving forward with the whole house. All it took was our budget and she made it happen."

Rick N., Rocklin, CA




"Interior decorating is not my thing. I was just finishing remodeling and didn't feel confident I could do a good job with the final finishing touches of window coverings and accessories. I also had a strange shaped family room that I needed help with furniture placement. Later I realized I really didn't like most of the family room furniture and needed help replacing that too. I was amazed how fast Lynne picked out my "style" and the colors I liked. She started by asking pertinent questions that I wouldn't have even thought about. I hadn't considered how much I wanted to spend, I just figured it would be how much I had to spend. I had some quirky things I wanted to try, like barn door window coverings. Lynne
provided me with suggestions and found the items for me, which was great because I hate to shop. She found furniture and accents for me in such a short amount of time, I would STILL be looking. I have raved about her to my contractor and would pretty much tell anybody the benefits of working with Lynne. I am really surprised (and grateful) about how much time she saved me."

Nancy M., Sheridan, CA



"When I hired Lynne, I was embarking on a remodel of different parts of my house. I knew I wanted to have my entire house painted inside, have new flooring installed and have my kitchen remodeled. Because I do not plan to stay in my house for more than a few more years, I wanted to choose colors that would be desired by a potential home buyer. Realizing that I had no sense of what colors would be best or how to tie it all together, I called on Lynne. It did not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a remodel and then scrimp on getting a professional designer’s advice which could have a huge impact on the outcome. I had more confidence moving forward with the project knowing she was behind me. Lynne made the effort to understand what my tastes were and then used that information as a starting point in generating ideas she felt I would like. She knew I leaned more conservative so didn’t suggest any flamboyant color schemes for me. However, she did nudge me at times when I needed it. For example, when she met me at the granite yard to help me choose a counter for my kitchen, she knew I wanted a clean, light look. She found a piece of quartz that fit everything I wanted but it had these little silver flecks embedded in it. At first I thought, “There’s no way! I’m not the bling type!” But guess what’s in my kitchen? Yes, the white quartz with the silver flecks and I love it! Other benefits of working with Lynne were that she was considerate of my time. She never cancelled a meeting and was always on time. Her rates were very reasonable.  When my fabulous contractor recommended Lynne I thought "I'm not rich, I can't afford that luxury. I can barely afford you!" I would now say that hiring Lynne was one of the best decisions I made. Lynne was there every step of the way. When I felt I could not look at one more light fixture or make one more decision, she did it for me. She was key in making sure that everything tied together and looked fantastic!"
Terry S., Rocklin, CA


"Our bookshelves in our San Francisco condo were bare. I KNEW I wanted them to have a decorator's touch and that Lynne was JUST the decorator I needed! "Lynne, can you help me with our bookshelves? How will we do this from Sacramento?!" Lynne took the ball and ran with it. All she asked me for were photos and a few measurements. Done! A few days later she sent me photos of the pieces she had chosen and allowed me to let her know if I liked, loved or hated each. Finally, we chose a date and I gave her the keys. Voila! DONE. We were THRILLED with her work and LOVE the finished product. Our bookshelves are stunning and give our condo the touch it needed. Lynne was fun, professional and so easy to work with. I would tell anyone to definitely use Lynne Pearce Design ~ you will be so pleased!"
Janet K., Sacramento, CA