Why Interior Design is Important (even during the Zombie Apocalypse)


I recently watched a movie, not a particularly great movie, but one that sparked an interesting conversation. What occupations and skills will be most valuable in a post-apocalyptic era where zombies roam the earth and terrorize its inhabitants? Certain abilities rise to the top of the list pretty quickly. Medical training, obviously, is a necessity for treating the wounded and keeping the colony in good health. Farming, another biggie, since the non-zombies will want something to eat other than brains. 

As the conversation went on, and numerous jobs were added to the list of must-haves, there was one that was not mentioned and it was causing me to feel a little insecure about my future in this new-world colonization. So I just threw it out there, knowing I would have to defend my position, but I was up for the debate - Interior Designer!

Of course, my suggestion was met with scoffs, laughter and downright rudeness. "Yeah right, interior design will save us! Bahahahaha!" I calmly listened to the snarky comments and laughter while I quietly planned my defense. Then when they were through, I listed the reasons why interior design is so important:

1. Organization - One of the most crucial aspects of any home is organization. You know how great it feels to have a clutter-free, organized environment. Everything has a place and you know exactly where to go to find it. Putting these systems in place is a function of good interior design and form is just as important as function. When things function properly and are beautiful to the eye, it creates a feeling of calmness and peace. I would think this would be a welcoming idea to our little colony.

2. Utilization of Space - I have never lived in a post-apocalyptic colony, but I would imagine we will be in pretty tight quarters. Knowing how to maximize the space and make it feel more expansive will be key to keeping everyone in good spirits. 

3. Color Theory - Color is a powerful element in the overall design of a space. It can enhance feelings of health and well-being, change the perception of temperature, make smaller spaces seem larger and large spaces seem cozy. But if the color is wrong, well that could prove to be very problematic to the inhabitants of the colony.

4. Self-Expression - Studies show that those who are encouraged to explore self-expression and creativity are healthier, happier, more innovative and more productive than those whose creativity is quashed. Innovation and productivity will be crucial in re-building the new world, and besides, if we are forced to live in boring, uninspired spaces, we may as well go join forces with the zombies!

5. Psychological Well-Being - Last, but certainly not least, good interior design creates an atmosphere that promotes a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and psychological well-being. When you come home after a long day of slaying zombies, the last thing you want is an unattractive, chaotic, dysfunctional space. You need a sanctuary, a place to unwind, to be inspired and to recharge for the day ahead; because let's face it, those zombies will be out there again tomorrow!

So hopefully, having listed several reasons why interior design is so valuable, I have negotiated a place for myself in the new world. But you don't have to wait for the zombie apocalypse to have the home of your dreams. If you need help with organization, space planning, color or design inspiration, I would love to assist you! Contact me today to schedule a free phone consultation!