One Room Challenge - Week 1

I am so excited to announce I will be participating in the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge! I have been following this biannual challenge for years and have always wanted to join. This year was the perfect storm for joining, having just moved into a new home that needs lots of renovating and having the ideal project to attack - my guest bathroom. We did a pretty major renovation right away, overhauling the main living area and kitchen, so needless to say my budget is pretty tight for this one. But when budgets are low, the need for creativity is high, so I thought it would be a great endeavor to share!

If you are not familiar with the ORC, it was the creation of blogger Linda Weinstein back in 2011. Seeking motivation to complete one room in her home, she sought the support of a small group of online friends and challenged them to also complete one room in their homes in 6 weeks. Eight years and thousands of rooms later, this has become one of the most anticipated events in the design community. Every April and October, design enthusiasts participate in this 6 week challenge and share weekly updates with their followers, with the big reveal on week 6. Sounds fun, right?!?

Now let me share a little bit about the project I will be submitting. Like I mentioned, we recently purchased our home in September, 2018. It is one of the most unique homes I have ever come across, which is the main reason my husband and I fell in love with it. It was built in 1982 by an architect who had an affinity for ships and designed it to feel as if you are actually in one. In this 2-story structure, the living area and kitchen are located on top and the staterooms (bedrooms) are located below deck on the bottom floor. The unique architecture, wall-to-wall windows and nautical motifs accentuate the ship-like feeling of the home. There are even 2 mermaids carved into one of the wood beams in the ceiling. Like I said, it is definitely unique!

When it comes to renovating this home, it is a fine balance of keeping the intended integrity of the design, but doing it a way that is current, timeless and a little bit understated. I had formulated a pretty specific vision for the home the very first time we viewed it. We came home from the open house and I filled a Pinterest board with ideas that night. After showing my husband my vision, we put an offer on the house the next day.

The first projects we tackled after receiving the keys, were to replace the floors upstairs and paint the walls a nice bright white. We also painted the kitchen cabinets and family room built-ins in Benjamin Moore Black Jack. New quartz kitchen counters, lighting and a farmhouse sink were also on the list. I knew my next project would be the upstairs guest bath, but having just finished all the other renovations we needed a bit of a break. Then I saw the call for the ORC and thought, why not?

This is what the bathroom looks like in its current state:



Outdated finishes & lack of vision

So here are the items on my list for this renovation:

  1. Remove and replace vanity top and backsplash

  2. Paint existing vanity

  3. Add hardware to vanity & new faucet

  4. Install towel ring

  5. New mirror

  6. New light fixture

  7. Custom shelves for tall, narrow window

  8. Paint tile floor

  9. Area rug

  10. Art & accessories


My vision for this guest bath is to bring in a cohesive color palette of charcoal and white with accent colors of coral and blue. The vanity will be painted with Benjamin Moore Black Jack. This is what I used for my kitchen renovation and I’m pretty sure I have enough to complete this project. Yay for the budget! The fixtures will be replaced in an antique brass finish, which looks amazing next to Black Jack. The mirror will be round, which fits the space better, and in a warm wood finish. The biggest, and scariest project will be painting the existing tile floor. It is definitely not in the budget to replace right now, so I am willing to give this a try. I have watched numerous videos on the subject and it seems fairly easy. I will let you know how THAT goes!! Another project I am thinking of is adding shelves to the awkward, narrow window. I am still formulating a plan for those, so you will have to stay tuned to see what I come up with. Lastly, I will be adding color and texture with art, accessories and an area rug.


Can I get it all done in 6 weeks? I have a schedule for each week of what I want to accomplish, so I’m pretty sure I can do it. Check back each Thursday to see the progress and the big reveal will be on May 6. Also, be sure to go to the One Room Challenge site to see what the other participants are up to! Now I have to get to work, so see you next week!